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What clients and candidates say about GTM Exec

Clare Goodrham, Head of Transformation, MetaCompliance

I'd be happy to both work with Chris again and recommend him to others - he worked with speed, communicated well throughout the process and only proposed quality candidates.

"We had spent some months looking for this role through the normal channels and knew it was a difficult ask. But through working with Chris, we were able to find the right candidate within weeks.


He took the time to understand the brief - not just the role, but the people and stakeholders around that role, to make sure the right people were being put forward. He challenged our requirements in a way that was constructive and aligned with the market and gave the sense of being personally engaged in helping us find the right person - it wasn't just another role to fill."

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Scotty Morgan, Chief Revenue Officer, FlyForm

"In the industry of executive search, integrity is an imperative that unfortunately is rarer than one would hope."

"Chris is like a stick of rock, with this special quality emblazoned right the way through it.

He is diligent, streetwise, stoic and affable. He also takes direct constructive feedback on the chin and learns from it. He is brutally honest integral but different to integrity and again a rare find.

I have been placed by Chris and been the placer served by the skills of Chris. Both actions are delivered with meticulous thought and preparation. Communication is constant and taking into account we all have families, the boundaries of standard hours are never a limitation.

Across careers you meet some people who just make an impression and through delivery, engagement and humour make it a pleasure to work with them.

We have sailed some interesting seas together and I would not hesitate to recommend Chris as a stand up guy, he will do what it takes to deliver and to coin a favourite phrase find a way or make one."

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Jamie Ward, Sales & Marketing Director, Gradwell Communications

"Chris has a broad network and an ability to find people that other recruiters wouldn’t be able to stumble across on Linkedin."

"I’ve worked with Chris for the last 3 years on both sides of the fence. I was happy in my role at a large telco carrier but knew I wanted to do something more, to own something. Chris contacted me out of the blue on behalf of a small private equity firm looking for a new sales and marketing leader.

I normally shut recruitment calls down pretty quickly, but Chris had such a calm and rational approach, I heard out his pitch and agreed to meet his client. The interview process was long and a bit disjointed at times, but Chris was always there to organise the client and support me through 5 stages of interview.

I’ve been in post now for 3 years and Chris has always stayed in touch, keen to know how things are going. He has also been able to support me on a couple of hires. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chris to friends and colleagues. He won’t let you down."

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David Gumbs, Pegasystems

"Chris and his team at GTM is the best I have I come across during my working career."

Integrity, commitment and professionalism should always be the benchmark by which recruiters are measured. We sometimes forget that companies like GTM Exec are only as good as the candidates that they put forward, so ensuring that there is compatibility between the candidate and the hiring company is of paramount importance.

I was approached by Chris without any previous relationship and was impressed by his thought process, ability to qualify and to understand what was important to me as an individual. We spent a lot of time talking about my goals and ambitions before he introduced his client. Throughout the engagement process with Chris, I was kept regularly informed of progress and feedback, given coaching & insight and I was well prepared by Chris for all my scheduled discussions with his client.

The efficacy we all strive for in the hiring process can only be achieved through diligent research & qualification and the overall experience with Chris and his team at GTM is the best I have I come across during my working career.  

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Louis Garner, Sales Director, Pegasystems

"He took the time to understand me, my goals, aspirations and challenges before talking potential roles."

"Chris was fantastic throughout my last career move. He clearly invests in researching both his candidates and roles; evidenced by his great coaching throughout. I couldn't have been happier."

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Gemma Stacey, Head of Sector for Energy & Water, Expleo Group

"Chris is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. From our initial conversation he was proactive, responsive and supportive."

"One of the things I appreciated the most about Chris is his honesty in where he felt my strengths were and helping me to see the opportunities which would be the best fit for me. He matched me with a company which ticked every single one of my career goals, including the type of culture and balance I sought. He also worked hard to ensure my package reflected my ambitions whilst also worked for the company. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Chris and utilising his services again in the future. I have 100% faith he will match the right individuals to the right organisations."

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Dale White, Business Development Manager, Getronics

"Enjoy a first class recruitment experience."

"The difference makes all the difference, or so ‘they’ say and this is how I would 100% describe Chris Jennings. Chris is the difference between being made to feel a monthly metric on a recruitment firms stats board, or a person looking to make a big decision. Do you want to be treated as a number or a person and in a human way? If it the latter - then Chris is the person for you. I knew from the first call that I could collaborate, talk freely, explain my current situation, and most importantly explain what I was looking for and needed in my next role. From the initial call to the follow up calls, to the post acceptance calls, Chris is a genuine recruitment specialist. I was thoroughly listened to, with all the facts double checked and reiterated to make 100% sure. From this foundation the onward process was exceptional and the whole experience excellent, due to working with a recruitment professional like Chris.

I would recommend Chris immediately and strongly suggest that if you are looking to recruit or are looking for your next challenge, definitely give Chris a call."

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